GuideOn: Getting Started

Thank you for joining GuideOn! GuideOn launched on November 11, 2015 offering services to the U.S. Army Combat Arms branches. During 2016, GuideOn will begin to serve all Services through translations.

Signup: To join GuideOn please visit and select your Branch. Continue to enter in your most recent duty title to see your first translation. Then select to Create your Account.

If your Branch is not available, select Other and provide us information about your Military status. Complete the Job Interest Survey to let us know you're interested in creating your resume immediately.

Non-Combat Arms Veterans: We encourage you to read and review our GuideOn Blog in the meantime for information on veteran career transitions. Complete the Job Interest Survey to let us know how to best support you.

Support Material: Once you log in, you can use your DD214, OER, or ERB to help you edit your GuideOn resume bullets. You can obtain your documents or download them using Ebenefits (more directions are listed in our blog). Continue working through the resume generator and reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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