Understanding Your Top Skills

At the top of your GuideOn resume, you will see your top nine civilian skills. GuideOn uses its research based, proprietary Skills Bank and mapping algorithm to accurately map in-demand skills that you have acquired during your military service to your resume statements. The skills are much like what is used to create job descriptions and postings by hiring managers and understandable to a recruiter during their resume reviewing.

9 skills were selected as your top based on the highest number of times they appeared in your resume statements (via the backend of the system). You can click and drag other skills to the top section via the Skills section via the right side bar.  

Why Skills should be moved and added?

  • Matches the job description or posting you are applying for. If the job posting says "Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting and selling products or services. Includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques and sales control systems." you may add "Sale and Marketing" to the Skills list.
  • Part of your discussion with a recruiter or employee as a top skill they are looking for in the candidate. For example: "We are looking for a person with Research Skills." Then add Research to the Skills list if you have that experience.
  • The skill is mentioned as part of the candidates experience. For example: "15 Year of Project Management Experience" or "Black Belt Six Sigma Certified". Certifications can be added to this section if you want to highlight them as they relate to the job posting.
  • Language Skills: Add your Proficiency in the language(s) you can read, write and speak as it applies to the job.

Skills can be added from the bottom of the Skills page by clicking "Add New Skill" as seen in the image below.

More information coming on the Skill descriptions soon via the website.

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