Using Your NCOER/OER

While you use GuideOn, make sure to pull out any performance evaluations and counseling reports to assist you with your resume.

  • Adding Military Positions: Use your Principle Duty Title from your evaluations (Part III-Duty Description) to search for your position title. If you don't find an exact match, look for the basic title. For example: If you were a General's Driver, look for a Driver. If you were a Brigade Training and Operations S-3, consider picking one of the Brigade S-3 positions and edit the bullets as needed.
  • Editing Resume Bullets: Add the numbers related to your evaluations and reports to support a resume bullet. The information in your documents details the number of people, budgets, or cost of inventory you were responsible for in that position. For example:
  1. Update "Trained and qualified staff in operational tasks and to perform initial competency assessments." with "Trained and qualified 6 staff in operational tasks and to perform initial competency assessments."
  2. If you NCOER read "Team Leader in a M2A2 ODS Mechanized Infantry Platoon;Bradley gunner maintains accountability of up to 2.5 million dollars worth of equipment..." you will want to add $2.5M to a bullet that speaks to the level of responsibility that you had in the position. Update "Delivered accurate, complete, and timely reports." to "Delivered accurate, complete, and timely reports for equipment valued at $2.5M."
  • Combining Military Positions: In order to keep a clean and concise resume, couple together similar positions at different duty stations. If you were a Company Commander at two locations and for a total of 4 years, make that one Military Position with the total of the dates and select the most recent location. The location of your position is not the important factor, it's your job title, dates and duties (translated into your resume bullets) that the recruiter is looking for during their 30 second review. Then total the number of people led/supervised, the value of the budgets or inventory, and other important achievements.
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